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The cost of running

Got the Runs?

If you have ever had the runs, you know that the feeling is unlike anything else. You’re sitting at your desk when suddenly, it hits you. You. have. got. to. go. And man, oh man, if you don’t get up and go right away, things get messy. First you become squirmish, uncomfortable, and a bit […]

Stiff Neck

Waking up in the morning to a crick in the neck is a terrible way to start your day. The most common cause for an aching stiff neck is a bad sleeping position. Sometimes you end up sleeping with your nose touching your shoulder blade for hours at a time. If neck pain is something […]

Andy Schleck – Le Tour De France 2011

Will Schleck Win the Title This Year? For many, this is a question that remains unseen as Andy and his team prepare for a historical moment in the history of sports. Having been the runner-up last year and taking it pretty hard, Andy Schleck is back with a vengeance and a whole new attitude. “In […]


Alright, today’s post is very special. I was thinking about doing another “sport of the day” and was leaning towards fly fishing because I LOVE fly fishing. However, whilst my endeavors to present to you, my fellow fanatics, with interesting information concerning the very popular act of catching fish with a fly rod and a […]

Sport of the Day: Baseball

If you’ve ever played a game of baseball you know that it can be either really fun or really difficult. In my experience, it depends on who you are playing with. Sports as a Child When I was a kid, my family used to go get a few other families in the neighborhood together and […]