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Talk about Motivation

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I don’t even care about basketball all that much, but after watching this I sincerely wanted to start playing.  Why? because this video is freaking inspiring.

So it got me wondering what about this video is so inspiring and motivating.  I think I can identify a few things.  And I think in doing say we can better remember them, which will in turn help to keep us motivated all the time.

Be Attractive

I am a dude, but I can admit those guys probably have ladies chasing them around.  Playing basketball doesn’t make you attractive, but exercise does.  It is a fact, people who exercise more are considered more attractive than those.  So by exercising to become the best athlete on earth, these two men inadvertently were also becoming more attractive.

Become better

I want to be better at the stuff I do.  I want to produce the most impressive work.  This egotistical sense of being, is actually healthy.  Competition is a great motivator.  Don’t deny yourself healthy competition.  Feed off of it, but don’t let it eat you alive. If that makes sense.

Have Passion

These two dudes illustrate a great deal of passion.  If they were working that hard at design or writing or painting or something, the video would have been just as inspiring. You know why because their passion would still have shown through.  When you have passion for something in your life, that passion over flows into every other facet of life.