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Another Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Review

cellucor c4 review
It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Pre-Workout supplements. I took a pre-workout the first time I hit the gym and I’ve been on them for years since. I like trying new brands, types, and flavors to shake things up from time to time. I am currently on Cellucor’s C4 and thought I’d do a quick review on it. I did a more extensive post on Pre Workout reviews a few months ago and did a Jack3d Review a few weeks ago. So be sure to check those out.

What I like about Cellucor C4

First off, when Cellucor first released C4 it contained 1,3 Dimethylamylamine aka DMAA. Some reviews out there are reviews of Cellucor when it contained DMAA. Those reviews are outdated.

“Cellucor has decided to remove this ingredient from all products. 1,3 dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA, is based upon geranium stem extract, but product testing has shown that it is not required with a product as potent as C4 Extreme. If you see a label on the web showing this, then that label is simply way out of date.”

So look at your case of C4 because maybe there’s a chance you purchased it when it still contained DMAA. In which case, this review will be less helpful to you as I am taking the latest release of C4.

Background Info

To give you a better idea of where I’m comin from, I have been on the following Pre-Workouts:

  • Nano Vapor
  • NO Xplode
  • Purus Labs – Muscle Marinade
  • 1MR
  • Jack3d

I would definitely recommend NO Xplode and 1MR. I didn’t have a great experience with Nano Vapor but that was years ago. I plan on trying Nano Vapor again someday soon. Stay away from Muscle Marinade; it’s nothing special and tastes nasty. Like most people, I highly recommend Jack3d. Out of all the pre-workouts I have tried (excluding C4), Jack3d is easily the best for a number of reasons (again, read more on my full review on Jack3d).

And, I have been maxing out the “recommended” serving sizes which means I’m taking 2 full scoops right off the bat.
Results will vary depending on how many scoops you take.

Cellucor C4: Pros

For those of you that know a thing or two about Pre-Workouts, you know there is a fine line between a Pre-Workout supplement that does the job, and one that does not. Cellucor C4 will not disappoint you.

  1. Great for Cardio.
  2. Not to say that C4 is only good for Cardio, but I am able to run or sit on an Exercise Bike all day. I am not a huge fan of cardio so I like taking a pre-workout that encourages me to keep running.

  3. It tastes great.
  4. I got the Blue Raspberry flavor which is new for me. Generally, I tend to like Lemon Lime a lot and have typically stayed away from Blue Raz and Grape flavors. But this Blue Raspberry C4 tastes like Kool-Aid.

  5. Awesome Pumps!
  6. A lot of people online have said how the pumps with C4 are not as great they are with Jack3d. I will have to disagree. The longer I was in the gym, the more pumped I felt. With Jack3d, the pumps are great, but they seem to wear off if you’re in the gym too long. With this C4, my body wanted to keep going and do more and more weight. It would not quit. Not to say that C4 is better than Jack3d in this area, but it definitely stands up to it.

    • The reason behind this has go to be the NO3. If NO3 does what Cellucor says it does, the everlasting pumps can be attributed to the NO3.

  7. No Post-Workout Crash.
  8. This is the only area that Jack3d has a hard time with. When I take Jack3d, I am dead 2 hours after I finish my workout. I get pumped up so high and then I just crash and can hardly stand it. But with C4 I have not felt any crash whatsoever.

Cellucor C4: Cons

  1. Jitters.
  2. I don’t necessarily think that the Jitters are necessarily a bad side effect, but some people do. They’re not a good side-effect but I don’t mind them. C4 gives me jittery hands, arms, and legs.

  3. Itchy Face and Forehead.
  4. I remember my forehead itching like crazy when I was on 1MR. C4 is almost worse than what 1MR did to my forehead and face. I wonder what it is that makes me itch so bad, because it’s a little annoying.

Other than that, Cellucor C4 is awesome and I recommend you try it out.

  • Ridetolive_

    can u take c4 twice a day before workouts

    • Cameron Cameronwest West

      i also would like to know because i am working out twice a day and i need to know if i cn take it twice a day? and also i run before my workouts, so should i take it before i run or after i run but before my workout?

      • Nate Armstrong

        I have never taken Cellucor C4 twice in one day, but if I did, I’d only take half of the serving size each time.

        For instance, I’m up to two scoops with C4. If I worked out once in the morning and once at night, I’d take one scoop in the morning, and one scoop at night. However, I would never take it after 7pm because it could keep you up all night.

        I have always taken it before I run at the beginning of my workout. It wears off a little faster, but I’m able to run for WAY longer than I would otherwise. So if you have a hard time running as it is, take C4 before you run. But if you are a natural runner and want to spend more time on the weights, I’d take it after you run.

        Does that answer your questions?

  • Ridetolive_

    how many scoops do u take of c4 before a work out

  • Ridetolive_

    i will be doing a three month workout with (5) 60 servings of c4 , (4) 50 servings of cellmass, and (2) 64 servings of muscle milk. . .i’m not sur if it will be enough servings, what if i have to double up on the servings,

    i will be working out twice a day 6 to 8 hour gaps, two to three hours at a shot every day,

    5 times a week will be cardio
    6 time a week will be weight training
    3 times a week will be sparing, grappling, ext

    i will be staying on a 2000 cal diet

    i’m 5 foot 9 200 pounds

    i’m not sur if i will need another can of c4, cellmass, and muscle milk

  • Ridetolive_

    can u take cellmass twice a day after each workout

    • Nate Armstrong

      I would recommend only taking C4 once a day before your workout.

  • Steve

    I would guess that the warm itching is from the Niacin. I used to take Niacin that was prescribed by my doctor and my body would get red, hot, and itchy after taking it for a couple of days. I get that tingly and itchy feeling when I taked Jack3d and C4, but I don’t mind the feeling that comes from taking it. I just know that it is time to start working out when it kicks in.

    • Nate Armstrong

      I will have to research Niacin some more. I just did a follow-up post where I attributed the itchiness and jitters to the ingredient, Synephrine HCI. You can read more here.

      But I do think it can be a number of different things. Everyone reacts differently to different ingredients.

      I honestly don’t mind the itchiness either. In fact, I second-guess pre-workouts that don’t make me a little tingly because I wonder if they are even working. And like you said, it is a good signal that it’s time to get to work.

      Thanks for stopping by, Steve!

    • Get Jacked

      its the beta alanine you idiots

      • Angel Rodriguez

        Really, you’ve gotta be like that? lol whatever makes your day go by

  • Mark

    beta alanine causes itching too

  • Bobo54kid

    The itching occurs because of the beta alenine in c4

  • Darcey

    I tried Cellucor C4 for the first time today. 27 yo female doing Insanity for the second time through. Needed something for energy and motIvation. Associate at GNC highly recommends it. Anyway I felt like it did nothing :(. Maybe a little skin tingle. And I got through the insanity warm up only stopping twice for a few seconds. But nothing intense. I had high hopes for this. Should I stick with it for a few more days ??? Did you get the effects the first time ?

  • Landadavid5

    Is the altsnine

  • Jess

    I take C4 and get the same tingling but only if I wait too long to start working out, if start working out like 10 minutes after I take it I’m fine