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Deltoid Workouts

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Every time I watch professional Basketball I am blown away by the size of some of those dudes’ shoulder muscles. Just look at them!

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I wish I was good at basketball so I could play it all the time and get ripped out shoulders. I think it’s impressive when guys are 6’5″ and look massive. I am 5’11”, not even 6 foot, and have the hardest time putting on weight. I look at other guys at the gym and, since most of the muscular guys are shorter than me, I tell myself it’s harder for me because I’m taller. Whether that’s a fact or not, who knows? But I do give mad props to people that are tall and muscular.

Two things that really set tough guys apart from the weak ones is back size and shoulder mass. If you’ve got a monster back and volleyballs for shoulders, no one is going to mess with you, even if your calves are pure bone. You could have tree trunks for legs but unless you’ve got at least half your weight on your back you are not going to come across as a muscle man.

How to Get Big Shoulders

shoulder muscle diagram You’ve taken your Pre-Workout and need to kill 30 minutes before you hit the gym. You want to tear your shoulders today so here’s what you do. The important thing to remember about building up your shoulders is that they are made up of three parts. 1. Deltoid 2. Trapezius(traps), and 3. Infrasprinatus.

Deltoid Muscle

The deltoid is probably the most important (and noticeable) of the three parts of the shoulder so you want to give it a great deal of focus while at the gym.

It is important that you work the front, side, and back of the deltoid through different workouts. You want your deltoid to strengthen on every side in order for it to achieve optimal growth and increase of strength.

Start out by warming up your shoulder and stretching it out by doing some cable flies. Do the lightest weight and do 3 sets of anywhere around 15-20 reps side-to-side and also up and down straight out in front of you.

This gets the joint prepped for some heavy lifting

Some of my favorite Deltoid workouts include:deltoid muscle workouts

    1. Barbell Shoulder Press– Do it behind your head down to the back of your neck and also in front of your head and bring the bar all the way to your collar bone before raising it up.
    2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press– This can be done a number of ways. I like to get a lower chair and get my back completely straight. I start with the dumbbells in my hand and my arms straight out in front of me, elbows bent at 90 degrees and palms facing in toward my face. Then when I lift I rotate my shoulders out, keeping my elbows bent at 90 degrees and the dumbbells still toward the ceiling, then once they are straight out to my sides, I lift them straight up over my head. When they come back down I rotate my arms inward again so my elbows touch.
    3. Standing Dumbbell Flies- Lift a dumbbell up and down straight out in front of you and also to your sides without bending your elbows. When you go up do it in 1 second and when you bring it down make sure it takes 2 seconds. So it’s “Up, 1, “Down, 2, 3. Up, 1, Down, 2, 3.” Make sense?
    4. Shoulder Rope Raises– At the cables, take the rope most commonly used for triceps and set it to the lowest position so it starts at the ground. Grab the ends of the rope so the backs of your hands face each other. Bend our knees slightly and straighten your back. Select your weight and raise your hands to the level of your eyes causing your elbows to shoot out straight to the left and right. Feel the burn in the sides of your deltoids!

deltoid pull-ups                    5. Pull-Ups– Palms facing out and arms as far away from each other as possible. Isolate the shoulders as much as possible. While this is also an awesome Lat workout, if you lift yourself with your shoulders you will get a great deltoid workout.