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Guest Post-Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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For millions of Americans, lower back pain is a serious issue. In fact, this condition, known as lumbago, is one of the most common reasons for doctor’s visits each year in the United States. Back pain can be temporary or chronic, but in either case, certain types of exercises may be effective for dealing with the problem.

Before considering the use of exercise to reduce lower back pain, it may be necessary to consult with your doctor to ensure that the exercise regimen you’re thinking about following won’t make your condition worse. Using the wrong types of exercises to treat your back pain can actually make the condition worse, instead of better.

Exercises Recommended for Treating Back Pain

Exercise can be effective both for treating lower back pain in the short term and for helping to prevent it in the future. The following are some of the forms of exercise most frequently recommended for individuals suffering from lower back pain:

  • Partial crunches – lying flat, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head or crossed over your chest. Using your stomach muscles, slowly lift your shoulders off the floor while keeping your lower back on the ground. Hold for a second, then slowly lower your shoulders again.
  • Press-up back extensions – lie face-down on the floor. Position your hands under your shoulders. Slowly, push with your hands so that your shoulders lift off the floor, until you can put your elbows under your shoulder. Hold the position for a few seconds before slowly allowing your shoulders to descend.
  • Side bends – stand straight, with your feet should-width apart and your arms hanging by your sides. With your right hand touching the outside surface of your right thigh, slowly lower your right shoulder as far as you can, bending at the waist without straining. Hold this position for several seconds before slowly returning to your original, upright position. Repeat on both sides.
  • Knee to Chest – lie flat, facing up. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Slowly, bring your right knee to your chest, keeping your back flat on the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then lower your leg. Repeat on both sides.

These exercises can significantly reduce pain in the lower back. Other exercises, such as aerobic workouts and pilates, may alse be effective at accomplishing this goal.

About the Author

Eric Ormsby is a guest blogger who writes for many different clients, including New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers. As one of the most common causes of workers’ compensation claims, he knows a good deal about the causes and most effective treatments for back pain.