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Top Three Tips to Reduce Back Pain

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Top Three Tips to Reduce Back Pain

We humans have hectic lifestyles and that takes a toll on our health. If we were to compare the consensus then we would be complaining of a common ailment and that is back pain. This is one of the most common reasons to take a day’s leave in every work space. In most of the cases, we are aware of causes of these complaints, which is either having a wrong posture while sitting on the chair or limited movement. The stress of work and home causes a hectic lifestyle which harnesses the back muscles. Many among us work in the front of computers for long hours and bad sitting posture and an uncomfortable chair can only worsen your situation. To increase productivity in both work and home and to reduce the back ache you can follow these easy tips-

1. Maintain Good Posture

Doing household chores or office chores is not easy, and if you are juggling between both the areas then life only gets a tad difficult. Posture is very important when doing all your day to day chores, be careful on how you stand and sit. The right method always assures that you keep lower back pain at bay. The spine is an important part of your body and if it is not positioned or aligned in the right manner your back pain is bound to reoccur time and again. The back muscles are relaxed when you do not slouch and maintain the right arch of the back.

2. Follow an Exercise Regime

Suggestions of medical practitioners have been overlooked in most cases on how to lower neck and back pain thanks to the workload we have today. The doctors have been advising us to take time out and do regular work outs for four to five minutes every few hours but we lack to understand its importance. Every human is aware of the importance of good health in their lives. Being fit is only a great step in maintaining a healthy frame of mind and better physique. or so nevertheless we just overlook. Maintain a good and balanced regime of physical activity reduces back ache and relaxes muscles. Begin with an activity you like, swimming, walking,yoga exercises, jogging and increase the minutes and endurance in the later stages when you are comfortable.

3.Have a Healthy BMI

In the United States, being overweight is like an epidemic and if you want to be active and increase productivity your body should be fit. Being overweight and having a high BMI only puts your health at risk. Carrying extra weight only puts stress in the lumbar area, lower back and causes strain to the hip area. Follow an exercise regime you will stick to along with a nutritious and fibrous diet plan. With these simple tips you will reduce the chances of straining the lower back.

On a final note, any sort of pain can be very difficult to bear and can cause stress in your relationships and limit your productivity in office. Make healthy changes, use ergonomic products to make a lifestyle change. Always remember-‘Prevention is better than cure’, hence it is important to realize its importance before it is too late.

About the Author: Mary Smith has been freelancing as a guest writer for a few years. “I like to share my opinions and connect with like minded individuals online about various topics.” She enjoys doing research on health and fitness issues and recommends use of ergonomic chairs for better posture. Mary is also passionate about fitness, finance, real estate, writing and home and garden.